10 Funny Tweets That Reference Escape Rooms

Laughter is a common friend amongst players during their hour of obstacles in an escape rooms.So it’s only natural that the humor travels with you in your everyday life. Here are a few tweets that made escape rooms the punchline.

Black Films as Escape Room Themes

There are many classic and legendary films that have become staples in the black community and culture. These films have brought laughter, tears,and pride within the African American culture. Some of our staff that belong to that community began to talk about how it would be to model and escape room after some of the most known films in black cinema. So, In honor of Black History Month, here are some black films as escape room themes

Escape room maddness’ Top Songs of the Moment: Black History Month Edition

As Black History Month is coming to a close, The Escape Room Madness Team believes that the party never ends! So, this month we would like to highlight songs that have become favorites in African American culture. Click ‘Read More’ to jam out to these awesome songs.

10 Dishes to Try in Koreatown

On West 32nd street born and raised is an escape room where you can play some games. Nestled in the heart of Koreatown is where Escape Room Madness can be found. Here is a list of Korean dishes to fill your stomachs as fuel for our experience. Our cluemasters have also sent in their recommendations for where to find these beautiful dishes in Ktown. Think of this blog as the new Yelp.

20 Inspirational Mottos for 2020

A new decade has begun which means a new you is about to blossom. Now is the time to become the person you want to be! Psych, you know you’re not changing. Here are some mantras you can say to yourself when you stare into the bathroom mirror when you wake up at 2 am to pee because you drank coffee before you went to bed. Words that will wake you up from your haze and inspire you to apply for that new job, sign up for that yoga class, or just eat some lettuce.

Christmas Songs As Escape Room Themes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year” to snuggle up with hot cider, decorate the Christmas tree, and play all of your favorite Christmas jingles. Each year we talk about our favorite Christmas songs, but this time around we decided to take a new approach: What if your favorite Christmas songs were actually the theme of an escape room? See what we’ve come up with and tell us if it’s a room you’d play.

Holiday Gifts For Someone Who Loves Escape Rooms

“Tis the season for giving!” Everyone is asking “What do I get them? What’s the perfect gift?” If you’re looking to give a gift to some normal person, we can’t help you. However, if this person loves escape rooms, this is the blog for you! The Escape Room Madness Team has a few gifts that are sure to please that adventurer in your life.

Why You Should Take Your Family To An Escape Room This Season​

Picture this; it’s the day after Thanksgiving. Over the past 15 hours, your body has managed to balance preparing, digesting, and cleaning up enough food roughly the equivalent of the mass of a small car. Waking up from your food coma, you come to realize you have enough energy to stand up for the first time that day, and you try to think of what you and your family can do with your returned mobility. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Tales from the Control Room Floor

Here at Escape Room Madness, our team gets asked a lot of questions, but one question we get asked a lot is how do these young, talented, good looking people come up with all of these cool room ideas? Well let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems. I know, surprising right? It’s easy to look at us and think that we are perfect all the time, but even we come up with some duds every once and a while. So, without further ado, allow us to pull back the curtain and show you some of the rooms that didn’t make it off the control room floor... for some reason.

Your Daily Escape Room Horoscope

We often talk about the roles that people typically take on while they are playing an escape room. While it is interesting to see which one people gravitate to, The Escape Room Madness Team began to wonder how people would act based on their zodiac sign. After much deliberation and laughter, we came up with some actions that might take place based on your sign. Click ‘Read Now’ to see if we got it right!

10 Songs That Should Be On Your Escape Room Playlist

We all know the key to success is the right kind of preparation. Everyone has their own way to prepare themselves to be focused for an escape room, but what better way to prepare than to listen to music that gets you in the EXACT headspace you need. So, what songs would be perfect for your escape room playlist? Click ‘Read More’ to see what songs The Escape Room Madness Team thinks should play when you say, “Alexa, play my Escape Room Playlist”

How These Fictional Teams Would Do In An Escape Room

Here at Escape Room Madness, we’ve put a lot of thought into which fictional characters we would want on our team in an escape room, be it for their intellect, their superhuman abilities, or just because of how much fun it would be to hang out with them.

10 Ways To Experience Summer In NYC

Cue the fire hydrants, swimsuits, and ice cream trucks. That’s right, it’s time to trade those hot cocoas in for some fresh lemonade as the sun makes her appearance for the slightly above average temperatures this summer! Lucky for you, The Escape Room Madness Team has come up with 10 things you can add to your summer bucket list. Now, we know you are use to the stereotypical Coney Island, Central Park and Times Square. However, these locations are more like hidden treasures of the city. So when you’re not keeping yourself cool like The Jonas Brothers, dive into these activities.

Escape Room Madness Top Songs of the Moment: PRIDE EDITION

In honor of this all so effervescent and fabulous Pride Month, we’d like to stand and wave our flag to these colorful tunes! We want to know what your favorite pride themed songs are. It can be any genre, pop, rock, musical, country, we want to know!! Click ‘Read More” to get into our playlist and celebrate with us.

You Know Escape rooms are your addiction when…

Doing an escape room is a fun activity to do in your leisure time. You feel an adrenaline rush that is thrilling and fulfilling both when you escape and when you don’t. Some might even say that you can become addicted to said adrenaline rush. Don’t worry, we aren’t pointing any fingers. As a matter of fact, we made this post just for you! We asked some of The Escape Room Madness Team how you know escape rooms are your addiction. Click “Read More’ to see what they said.

How Would Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Fare in An Escape Room? (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

With the final season of Game of Thrones here, we at Escape Room Madness have spent a lot of time wondering who will win and who will survive the fight for the world’s most impressive chair. In that time, we also found ourselves wondering how those same characters would do in another kind of competition: our escape rooms.

The Umbrella Academy in an Escape Room (Spoiler Alert)​

The Umbrella Academy is one of the latest Netflix Original shows that has everyone talking. The story of individuals born on the same day, that possess special powers, has intrigued The Escape Room Madness Team. We thought about what it would be like for The Umbrella Academy to play an escape room. WARNING: If you haven’t watched yet, this is your chance to turn away now. Some spoilers may be ahead. Click ‘Read More’ and tell us if you agree.

Escape Room Movie: The Truths and Myths (Spoiler Alert)​

Alright, we’ve given you all some time go out to see the Escape Room Movie, and we know this has made you very curious about escape rooms and what they are all about (If you haven’t seen the movie you should know there will be spoilers, so here is your chance to turn away now). And though the movie is thrilling and gives some insight on what it is like to be in an escape room, you should know some elements were dramatized or, truthfully, completely made up for the suspense and thrill we all love so much while watching films. Click ‘Read Now’ to see the truths and myths the movie portrays that the Escape Room Madness Team noticed after watching the movie.

19 Little Ways to Treat Yourself in 2019​

Let auld acquaintance truly be forgotten because 2018 is behind us and we’ve dove into 2019! So many great possibilities are ahead you, but it may get a little tough at some point. And when the going gets tough, well, pamper yourself!! The Escape Room Madness Team has come up with ways that you can treat yourself this year and guess what, some of are even cheap. What are you waiting for? Click ‘Read More’ now.

Top 10 Must Watch Holiday Movies

Top 10 Must Watch Holiday Movies

Escape Room Madness Top Songs of The Moment: Christmas Edition​

The Escape Room Madness team is feeling very festive and wants to spread the Holiday Cheer!! We want to know what your favorite Christmas songs are. It can be any genre, pop, rock, musical, country, we want to know!! Click ‘read more’ to see our top choices and leave a comment of your favorite songs right now!


​Over the past couple of weeks The Escape Room Madness team has asked our customers, who play escape rooms frequently, what their experience has been like when playing an escape room with a team. Here are some of the moments during the game that made them laugh. Click ‘Read More’ to laugh along with us.

Happy Birthday Escape Room Madness!!

It’s time to pull out the confetti and put on your party hats to help Escape Room Madness celebrate 2 whole years of entertainment and fun in New York City!


It seems like just yesterday we were just basking in the rays of sunshine that summer brings. Alas, it is time to enjoy the soothing breeze and amber tones of Fall. However, let’s not forget the spookiest time of the year! The Escape Room Madness Team is in the Halloween spirit and have made a list of songs that should be on your Halloween playlist. Click ‘Read More’ to see what tunes we are listening to and tell us what your favorite Halloween Song is!

Which TV show or Movie Character Would Do Great in an Escape Room?​

We all have that favorite tv show we can binge in two days while eating junk food, or that one movie that we can recite from heart. You are probably familiar with the skills and wit certain characters possess. What if you had the chance to play an escape room with your favorite tv show or movie character? Who would you choose? Who would be the most effective in an escape room? The Escape Room Madness Team has come up with a couple characters they think would do great in an escape room. Click ‘Read More’ to see who we chose.

10 Things to do in the Summer in NYC

After a long winter that didn’t seem to want to let go, New York has finally let the sunshine in! That’s right, the time has come for you to put on your tank tops and shorts and soak up the summer sun! From beaches to festivals, the possibilities of a fun packed summer are endless in the city. With “104 days of summer vacation”, the Escape Room Madness Team has come up with 10 things that you can do in the summer in New York to add to the memory books. Click “ Read More” to see what festivities you can dive into.

12 Times Memes portrayed an Escape Room experience perfectly

The Escape Room Madness Team has found some of the most popular memes that express the feelings of the Escape Room experience. After all, when you can’t find the words to say how you feel, the memes have got you covered. Click ‘Read More’ to be amused.

How Escape Rooms Exercise Your Memory

When you’re playing an escape room, your brain is hardcore bench pressing. Well, not exactly, but you are putting your mind to the ultimate test. Memory is key when it comes to playing an escape room. You’d be amazed at how much you retain during the game! The question is: how exactly are you remembering all these numbers, words and instructions? Click “Read More” to find out.

Why Escape Rooms are Great for Corporate Events

Are you looking for an exciting outing for your next corporate event? How about taking your employees and coworkers to play an escape room? Playing an escape room is not only fun for corporate groups, but it also helps your team develop and discover skills that can be useful in the workplace while still being an entertaining experience! So put down your computers, memos, and 9 a.m. coffee, and click ‘Read More” to see how a trip to Escape Room Madness can benefit your corporate group!

Which Superhero or Villain would you want on your escape team?

Having a strong escape team can really help you thrive in an escape room. We rely on our natural strengths (mental strength, that is!), but what if you had the option to bring one superhero or supervillain in the room with you? Which one do you think would be the most beneficial to you in the room? Remember, brute force isn’t useful in an escape room. Not even superheroes are allowed to break the locks open; they still have to do the work! Click “Read More” to see which heroes and villains the Escape Room Madness Team chose to help them crush the escape game!

Puzzle Master Challenge

The time has come for you to put your brain to the ultimate test. The Escape Room Madness Team is challenging you to solve as many of their original puzzles and riddles as possible. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer 3 or more correctly and you’ll win discounted or FREE tickets to play any escape room of your choice at our facility. Click “Read More” at your own risk. MWHAHAHAHAHA!!

Roles You Can Play In An Escape Room

With so many tasks to accomplish in an escape room, sometimes it helps if you divide and conquer. Not sure what role you can play to help your team escape? Well, the Escape Room Madness team thought it’d be better to show you, rather than just simply telling you. Click “Read More” to see what role you can play in an escape room.

Escape Room Madness Top Songs of the Moment

The Escape Room Madness team wants to know what tunes you are listening to! It can be any genre, pop, rock, musical, country, we want to know!! Click read more to see our top choices and comment your favorite songs right now!

18 things you can do differently in 2018

Escape Room Madness wants to wish you a Happy New Year!! 2018 just started and the possibilities are endless. We have come up with 18 things that you can add to your New Year’s resolutions! Click “Read More” to see how you can fill 2018 with laughter, success, and escape rooms of course!!

Escape Room Madness’ Highlights of 2017

As we prepare ourselves to welcome 2018 with open arms, we must not forget about all the wonderful things that have taken place in 2017. From corporate group events, to funny videos, Escape Room Madness has had an eventful year. Click “Read More” to see Escape Room Madness’ Highlights of 2017!

10 Things to do In NYC for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for good tidings, hot cocoa, and holiday cheer! It’s surely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in New York City. Though the weather outside is indeed frightful, don’t let it stop you from experiencing the holiday festivities that New York City has to offer. Don’t know what to do this holiday season!? No worries, our team here at Escape Room Madness has made a list of the Top 10 Things to do in NYC for the Holidays (in no particular order)! Click ‘Read More’ and begin to plan your adventures!

Escape Room Madness Top songs of the Moment: Christmas Edition!

The Escape Room Madness team is feeling very festive and wants to spread the Holiday Cheer!! We want to know what your favorite Christmas songs are. It can be any genre, pop, rock, musical, country, we want to know!! Click ‘read more’ to see our top choices and leave a comment of your favorite songs right now!

5 Things That Have Made Your Clue Master Smile!

Whether you realize it or not, your Clue Masters are a part of your team! They are working behind the scenes to make sure every clue is perfect, and that you have the best experience possible while playing your game. Often, there are little things that you do within your game that not only let us know you’re having a good time, but also make us, your Clue Masters, smile or laugh. You may not have even noticed you were doing it! Here are a couple of things that you may have done that made your Clue Master smile.