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Escape Room Madness Top Songs of The Moment: Christmas Edition

The Escape Room Madness team is feeling very festive and wants to spread the Holiday Cheer!! We want to know what your favorite Christmas songs are. It can be any genre, pop, rock, musical, country, we want to know!! 



Carol of the Bells




“Ding dong ding dong, that is the song, with joyful ring, all escaping”



There Are Much Worse Things To Believe In

Stephen Colbert




“There are cynics; there are escapers”




Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) 

Mariah Carey 



“I miss escape rooms most at Christmas time”



This Christmas

Donny Hathaway




“And as we trim the tree, How much fun it's gonna be escaping, this Christmas”



Last Christmas





“ This year, to save me some tears, I’ll go to an escape room”


Puppies Are Forever





“Escape rooms are forever, not just for Christmas”


Christmas Lights





“ When you’re still waiting to escape the room, Doesn’t feel like Christmas”



White Christmas

Bing Crosby




“I’m dreaming of of an escape room Christmas”

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