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Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory

The ever intelligent Sheldon would be quite the asset to any escape room team. He’s known for his brain and IQ and could probably break any room’s record! But let’s face it, we all know he is going to want to solve everything on his own.

Not only is Harvey Spector clever with words, but he also finds the most clever ways to find solutions for problems. He tends to think outside the box, which is a strong quality to have when playing an escape room.​

Harvey Spector - Suits​

If Lara Croft can escape the intricate pathways and traps of a tomb, then playing an escape room would probably be a no brainer for her. She is focused and pays attention to every detail. She’d do great in an escape room…..minus the guns. ​

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider​

Walter O’Brien is quick on his feet and can come up with solutions in a timely fashion. Also, for the the hi-tech escape rooms, Walter would be your guy because he may have prior knowledge to how they work. You would just have to make sure he didn’t hack any of the puzzles. 

Walter O’ Brien - Scorpion​

Last but not least, The Salvatore brothers would be great in an escape room because they are extremely fast and would get locks open faster than the humans. They thrive under pressure. Push come to shove, they could always just compel the clue master to give them all the answers. (We don’t encourage cheating in an escape room, but try telling that to 154 year old vampires)​

Stefan and Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries​

There is an entire episode dedicated to Ron Swanson solving the most outrageous riddles. Enough said. “I love riddles!” - Ron Swanson​

Ron Swanson - Parks and Recreation​

What characters do you think would be great in an escape room?

With Shawn Spencer’s “psychic” ability, solving an escape room would be a piece of cake. His observation skills and attention to detail are beyond that of the average person, and he can make connections between details within seconds. He would be quite the addition anyone’s escape team.​

Shawn Spencer - Psych​

There isn’t a case that Annaliese Keating can’t solve or a problem that she can’t find a solution for. Even when time was not on her side, she managed to come out victorious at the last second. That 60 minute time limit would be a piece of cake for Annaliese!​

Annaliese Keating - How to Get Away With Murder​

Piecing together information and coming up with master plans is not unfamiliar to Olivia Pope. She is good at paying attention to detail and figuring out solutions even in the toughest situations. Ms. Pope would crush it in an escape room!

Olivia Pope - Scandal​

These poor girls have been bombarded with countless cryptic messages and riddles to solve. They’re practically pros at decoding them by now! Extra bonus: they once successfully figured out how to escape a life sized doll house that they were trapped in.​

Hannah, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Allison - Pretty Little Liars​

Surely the king of riddles, deception, and curses would be helpful in an escape room. Rumpelstiltskin cannot be easily fooled and red herrings stand no chance against him! He is usually 3 steps ahead of you, and could definitely figure his way out of the room before time ran out.​

Rumpelstiltskin - ONCE​

We all have that favorite tv show we can binge in two days while eating junk food, or that one movie that we can recite from heart. You are probably familiar with the skills and wit certain characters possess. What if you had the chance to play an escape room with your favorite tv show or movie character? Who would you choose? Who would be the most effective in an escape room? The Escape Room Madness Team has come up with a couple characters they think would do great in an escape room. Click ‘Read More’ to see who we chose.

Which TV show or Movie Character Would Do Great in an Escape Room?​