Customers' Safety

At Escape room Madness, the safety of our customers and our team members is our top priority. ​To keep everyone safe and healthy, we are implementing the following measures:

1.Hand Sanitizer will be supplied to all customers and team members.

2.All games are private experiences. This will minimize and eliminate your interaction with our groups to keep you as safe as possible.
3.We will be disinfecting rooms and receptions between games using multiple methods.
4.Team members will wear masks at all time and will maintain 6 feet distance from customers.
5.Game instructions will be given remotely via videos and sound system. This will minimize and eliminate having our team members with your group in the room.
6.All team members will receive a wellness check including a temperature check upon reporting to work. If any team member is experiencing any symptoms, they will be sent home or told not to report to work.
7.Customers will be required to wear masks when interacting with team members.
8.We will recommend customers to wash hands before and after their game or wear gloves.
9.We will coordinate arrival times for each group to prevent having more than one group at a time in the reception area. This will help minimize and eliminate multiple groups interacting with each other. So please arrive exactly at your designated time.
10.Customers will receive a wellness check including a no touch temperature thermometer in the reception before starting their game.