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You Know Escape rooms are your addiction when...

Doing an escape room is a fun activity to do in your leisure time. You feel an adrenaline rush that is thrilling and fulfilling both when you escape and when you don’t. Some might even say that you can become addicted to said adrenaline rush. Don’t worry, we aren’t pointing any fingers. As a matter of fact, we made this post just for you! We asked some of The Escape Room Madness Team how you know escape rooms are your addiction.



You walk into any room and immediately begin looking for codes




You’re faced with an obstacle at work and your first thought is “maybe I should ask for a clue”




You have documents of your escape room stats to up your success rate




You try to decide whether to pay your bills or play an escape room




You’re booking the next escape room while playing one




You time yourself when you are looking for something you lost




You hide your roomates keys and leave clues for them




You hear a random sound and you look up to see if it’s a clue




You buy activewear just to wear to escape rooms



You’ve made plans to build your own






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