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2) Work as a team

If you are separate groups playing one room together, don’t distance yourselves. You are working as ONE TEAM. Working as a team will help you solve the room faster.

3) Follow the Instructions

Listen to ALL the instructions your Clue Master gives you. The instructions are to keep you safe and out of trouble, and some of the instructions may be clues to help you during your game.

4) Be Observant

Pay attention to everything in the room. There may be labels or indicators around the room that will tell you which puzzles will open up certain things in the room.  

5) Your objective is to ESCAPE, not to beat the record.

If this is your first escape room, your primary objective should be to escape the room, not to beat the record! If you would like to beat the record, you are more than welcome to try, but you should be having more fun rather than stressing out about a “record”.

6) Utilize your teammates

If you can’t figure out a puzzle by yourself, don’t put it down and walk away from it. Pass it on to someone else in the group to see if they can solve it. Two brains are better than one.

7) Use your multitasking skills

It is more beneficial for the group to try and split up and look for clues around the room and work on puzzles. Not everyone has to work on one puzzle at the same time.

8) HAVE FUN!!!

The most important part of this game is having fun. Remember, at the end of the day this is a fun activity. There is no need for you to become stressed out. The more fun you have, the better game you’ll play!

1) Communication, Communication, Communication!!!​

Without communication, you will not be able to escape. Keeping things to yourself will be the downfall of your game. Alongside communication falls speaking out loud. By doing this, you let the clue master in on where you are in the game. This ensures that everyone is on the same page so your game can run as smoothly as possible.​

First Time Trying an Escape Room? Everything You Need To Know​