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1. Wonder Woman- She stands up for the weak and is a strong, smart woman. She’d be an important asset to any team trying to escape.​

2. Ant Man- He can shrink himself and climb into drawers to see what is in there.

3. Doctor Doom- He can manipulate time for that precious “one more minute!” we all seem to crave and also use his psychic powers to solve some of the puzzles.

4. Riddler- Because he is the master of riddles...duh.

5. Black Panther- Because...Wakanda Forever. Also, he has a lot of knowledge about advanced technology, which is super useful for all the tech heavy rooms.

6. Iron Man - His suit can gather a lot of information about puzzles, objects, and riddles in the room.

7. Dr. Strange- He can stop time so there is no need to keep stress-looking at the clock every minute.

8. Loki- He can clone himself to open up multiple locks at the same time.

9. Professor X- He has multiverse intelligence, and can use this knowledge to apply to puzzles that use many different kinds of thinking.

10. Batman- He has to deal with Joker and Riddler; he’s definitely solved his fair share of puzzles under pressure.

11. Black Widow - She is a quick thinker, knows how to improvise, and is a brilliant former intelligence officer. You won’t see her lose her cool in any escape room.   

12. Superman- He can see through objects so he might not even need to open the locks at all.

Which Superhero or Villain would you want on your escape team?

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