January 30, 2022

10 Dishes to Try in Koreatown

10 Dishes to Try in Koreatown

Korean Fried Chicken

Here in America we think we know fried chicken! We have the Colonel. But, you have not lived until you have tried Korean Fried Chicken. Koreans fry their chicken not once but TWICE. The batter is crispy, oh so crispy.

Cluemaster recommends: BBQ Olive Chicken, Pelicana Chicken

CULINARY DELIGHTS: Explore 10 Dishes to Try in Koreatown, NYC!

If you’re in New York City, discover the flavors of Koreatown with our curated list of 10 dishes you must try, brought to you by Escape Room Madness. Learn more about these delectable delights on this page here!


Bibimbap is like a chipotle bowl but not tex-mex and better. Fun fact: “bibim” means mixing various ingredients, while the “bap” refers to rice. The name of the dish means mixing things into rice. What is better? You’ve got carrots, spinach, mushrooms, MEAT, and an egg to top it off. Mix all of this stuff together for a party in your mouth.

Cluemaster Recommends: Madangsui


For street food NYC has hot dogs and Korea has tteok-bokki. Using rice and fish cakes tteok-bokki is soft and chewy. The sauce is gochujang based which is a Korean chili paste giving this dish a little kick. Tteok-bokki is perfect to warm your insides as you walk in the harsh NYC weather.

Cluemaster Recommends: The Gochujang


You may think this is sushi but that would make you wrong. Kimbap is a korean dish where rice is wrapped in seaweed. But, it comes with a variety of fillings: Spam, beef, egg, and spinach just to name a few. This food is great for eating on the go or for a lovely picnic.

Cluemaster Recommends: E-Mo

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Budae Jjigae

Budae Jjigae has ties to America. This dish is also known as Army Base Stew. After the Korean War food was scarce but soon the food from the US army bases (spam, hot dogs, baked beans) made its way out of the base and to feed the people. Soon Koreans mixed these found ingredients with their own (ramen, gochujang, kimchi, etc) to create this fusion dish that brings comfort to anyone who eats it.

Cluemaster Recommends: Bangia


Look at that beautiful volcano. Admire it, now imagine it in your mouth. This beautiful dessert is made up of layers of shaved ice. Pour some condensed milk in it, add toppings, syrups. Live it up.  It’s like a snow cone but korean; and better.

Cluemaster Recommends: Grace Street Cafe


Noodles in a black bean sauce. Yummm. Ramen has taken the world by storm but soon jjajangmyun is going to dominate. Have you ever wondered what you would order on postmates if you lived in Korea? This would be the dish.

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Cluemaster Recommends: Shanghai Mong


OX BONE SOUP! Hearty, warm, and soft on the esophagus. A broth soup is great if you’re feeling a little sick or cold. Ox bones are literally simmered for hours to become perfect enough for consumption. Soon you’ll forget chicken noodle soup and only request seolleongtang.

Cluemaster Recommends: Five Senses


A stir-fry of veggies and sweet potato noodles, say no more and get right into my belly. These noodles are clear which provide a visual treat. Can be served hot or cold; this dish is multifaceted.

Cluemaster Recommends: Woorjip, Barn Joo 35

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 Korean BBQ

We all knew this is how the list had to end. Korean BBQ is iconic and a perfect way to hang out with friends and family over dinner. There’s just something about grilling your own meat that takes an experience to another level.

Cluemaster Recommends: Kang Ho Dong Baekjong, Five Senses, Jongro BBQ

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Explore the vibrant flavors of Koreatown by checking out our curated list of 10 dishes you must savor. Find these delectable treats and more on the map below!

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