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Exciting Team Building Escape Rooms in New York City, NY

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As nice as team-building trust falls are, nothing builds camaraderie like an escape room. An escape room is an interactive experience in which you and your coworkers have around an hour to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape from a locked room. At Escape Room Madness, we have several team-building escape rooms, each with its own theme. You and your co-workers can work together to solve the perfect crime, save lives, and prevent the apocalypse. If your business is looking for an escape room in New York City, NY, then contact us today.

Why Choose an Escape Room for Your Team-Building Exercise?

Many people might not see the appeal of escape rooms for team-building exercises at first; however, escape rooms offer a lot of benefits. For example, your team will have to communicate with each other to solve the clues and puzzles.

Solving the puzzles also strengthens the critical thinking skills of the participants. You might discover skills you didn’t know your team members had, which can improve the way your team works together back in the office.
Escape rooms also force the participants to work towards achieving just one goal, focusing their efforts and mental energy.

Plus, escape rooms are so fun that every team member gets involved and really engages with their colleagues. The innovative, creative, and exciting nature of escape rooms is what makes a team-building escape room experience so valuable. Everyone needs some light-hearted fun once in a while, and escape rooms provide a unique space to improve working relationships and come together as a team.

Why Choose Escape Room Madness?

Here at Escape Room Madness, we’ve been inspired by the escape rooms we’ve tried ourselves. We’re dedicated to designing the most unique, memorable, and fun experience for all our clients, so we’re constantly changing our games and rooms. We’re flexible and passionate about our client’s experience.

 To learn more, give us a call at (212)-239-8800, send us a message, or schedule your event now. You can also check out some of the companies that have tried our team-building escape rooms below.