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NYC's #1 Escape Room For Children Is Escape Room Madness!

Escape room for kids NYC: If you are seeking an escape room experience that is suitable for children, Escape Room Madness is proud to offer a number of different escape rooms your kids will enjoy. So if you’re looking for some family fun or a great birthday party escape room experience – look no further than Escape Room Madness. We have rooms that your teen or adolescent can utilize. Please be sure to look at room specifications prior to booking. We are New York City’s best kid-friendly escape room!

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NYC's Best Escape Room Game With Options For Kids & Teens!

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A New York City Kid-Friendly Escape Room Game

Escape Room Madness is not just for adults; we also offer thrilling and age-appropriate options for kids! Our specially designed escape rooms provide a fun and challenging experience that caters to the younger audience. With themes ranging from mysterious adventures to enchanting puzzles, children can immerse themselves in an exciting world of problem-solving and teamwork.

Our kid-friendly escape rooms are crafted to be engaging and entertaining, promoting cognitive skills and creativity. Escape Room Madness ensures a safe and enjoyable environment, with puzzles designed to stimulate young minds.

Escaping an Escape Room Tips to Improve Your Chances

One Of NYC's Most Beloved Kid-Friendly Escape Room

Our expertly crafted scenarios captivate children’s imagination, making it an ideal choice for birthday parties, school outings, or family gatherings. Watch as your kids become detectives, solving puzzles and unlocking mysteries in a memorable and age-appropriate adventure at Escape Room Madness. It’s an unforgettable experience that combines education with entertainment, creating lasting memories for the little adventurers in your life.

Take a look at our location below. Our address is 38 W 32nd St 5th Floor, Ste 500, New York, NY 10001. Escape Room Madness looks forward to entertaining your kids and your whole family!