Customers' Safety

In March, 2019, Escape Room Madness facilities passed both Fire Department and Building Department inspections and requirements​

Fire Alarm Strobe Speaker
1. Installed in each room is a fire alarm strobe and speaker. When the fire alarm sounds this device with notify guests by flashing lights and sounding alarms/announcements from its speaker.
Fully Automated Sprinkler System
2. The sprinkler system is fully automated and set up in every room, unobstructed by game room elements.
Inspected and ready to use portable fire extinguishers
3. All fire extinguishers have been recently inspected and locations clearly indicated on the walls and on fire maps.
Automated Locked Door
4. All game doors are automated and tied to the building’s fire alarm system. All game doors are set to open automatically if the fire alarm is triggered.
Egress Emergency Exit Buttons
5. All game doors have an emergency exit panic button hooked up to the escape system. When this button is pressed it will trigger the door to open automatically. All players have access to this button throughout the entire game.
Fire Escape Maps
6. Fire maps can be found in all egress paths, hallways and reception areas and are specific to Escape Room Madness floors 5 and 6. All maps specify the best escape route, back up routes, fire extinguisher locations and clearly labeled rooms.
Fire Escape Plan
7. All Escape Room Madness employees and building employees are aware of emergency evacuation procedures. Fire evacuation plans can be found in all Escape Room Madness reception areas. Brief emergency exit procedures are integrated into game instructions given by Escape Room Madness employees.
Fireproof Material
8. Game rooms, props and large sets have been treated with fireproofing materials. This ensures the game rooms are as fire retardant as possible.
Exit Signs
9. All exits and egress routes are clearly marked by illuminated exit signs.
Dedicated Clue Master and monitoring system
10. All games are closely monitored by a dedicated “Clue Master” or “Game Master.” All game rooms are equipped with microphones, multiple cameras views, and speakers. Clue Masters can see and hear all elements involved with the game. Clue masters also have access to microphones and can speak directly to guests in the game.