12 Times Memes portrayed an Escape Room experience perfectly

1)That moment you look up at the clock and realize just how much time you have left​.

2) The good feeling you get when you are making progress​.

3) Oh how time flies when you are having fun.​

4) When you get an object and have no idea what to do with it.​

5) When your cluemaster says you have up to an hour to escape.​

6) That moment you spend a lot of time on a puzzle only to realize you did it wrong​.

7) When you escape the room with time left to spare.​

8) But sometimes you needed just two more seconds..​

9) That feeling of escaping yet another room​.

10) When the cluemaster says “Good Luck Guys”, but all you hear is​

11) And sometimes a clue just doesn’t make sense to you. ​

12) That internal battle to do the right thing.​

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