January 4, 2018

18 things you can do differently in 2018

18 things you can do differently in 2018

18 things you can do differently in 2018

18 things you can do differently in 2018 PRO TIP: Explore our diverse selection of rooms, including “The Perfect Crime,” “Quarantine,” “Nuclear Annihilation,” and more. Uncover thrilling challenges and book now your escape room adventure today!

1) Memory Jar

It’s really easy to look back on a year a find all the negative things that happened and forget that there were many good things that happened as well. At the end of every week, reflect on a moment that was good or that made you happy. Write that moment down on a small piece of paper and place it in a mason jar ( or any small container can work). On New Year’s Eve, read all the slips of paper so you are reminded that there were good things that happened that year.​​

2) Stretch in the morning

Everyone may not be down to join the yoga craze but instead of hitting that snooze button, try to take 5 minutes in the morning to give your body a good stretch. It will help release tension and wake up your muscles.

3) Try something you haven’t done before

The next time you ask yourself “why?”, also ask “why not?” Don’t be afraid to experience new things or take risk. We all have a bucket list, why not scratch off one or two things on that list? Then, you’ll have more space to add on new things.

4) Play an escape room at Escape Room Madness

Not only are the rooms at Escape Room Madness fun, but playing an escape room exercises the prefrontal cortex which is used for critical thinking and the hippocampus which helps short and long term memory. Also, an escape room is one of the few places where creativity, imagination, and logic are used at one time.

5) Appriciate the small things

Sometimes we get caught up in our everyday lives and going through our routines that we develop tunnel vision, especially when you live in a big city. Take the time to acknowledge the small things. There is a quote from the movie “About Time” that said it best, “We’re all traveling through time together, everyday of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish it’s remarkable ride”.

6) Change “I’m Sorry” into “Thank you”

Instead of saying “I’m Sorry” so often, try to replace that with “Thank You”. For instance, If you are running late, instead of saying “I’m sorry I’m running late because..”, You can say “Thank you for being patient with me as I make my way there.” This way it relieves you from beating yourself up and shows gratitude to the other person waiting. This does not mean you shouldn’t apologize when it is needed, but that you don’t have to apologize for everything you do.

7) Keep a diary

Not only is it nice to be able to go back and read through some of the things you have thought about, it’s a great way to vent or write down ideas that you may have that you might otherwise forget.

8) Become more aware of your health

Try to get a good amount of sleep and drink a good amount of water. Despite what you may believe, we are not super humans and sleep and water are the basic health needs.

9) Save your loose change

We all are guilty of having that table, container, or corner of a room that we drop loose change. However, try to purposely save your loose change (coins and dollars) throughout the year and cash it in at the end of the year and see how much you’ve made.

10) Detach from your phone while with family and friends

We are usually attached to our phones 24/7. It is one of the electronic devices we use very often. However, refraining from using your phone while with family and friends can result in memorable moments. And yes, these moments may not be documented on snapchat or instagram, but that’s the beauty of it; that’s what makes it special.​

11) Take social media breaks

We know, we know! You don’t want to miss a second of the latest in pop culture and you want to make sure everyone knows what you are doing and how cool it is. But taking a break from social media and just letting your mind breathe can be refreshing.

12) Read for 30 minutes a day

Find a genre or subject you are interested in and get a book to read for 30 minutes each day. When we read, it increases our concentration levels and expands your vocabulary. Also, it has been proven that reading reduces stress.

13) Meditate

Even if it’s just one or two minutes, take a moment during your day and just take a deep breath in and center yourself. Check in with your tensions and release them when exhaling (especially on more stressful days). This helps you relax and sends oxygen to your brain to keep you thinking clearly.

14) Reward yourself

We often spend time working and worrying about bills and responsibilities that we forget to reward ourselves. Try and treat yourself to your favorite food, or a walk in the park, or piece of clothing you might like. Do this simply because you deserve it and are worth it.

15) Catch up with an old friend

Call a friend that you haven’t talked to and see how they are. Laugh and talk about old times and share what’s new. It refreshing to talk to someone who you don’t see or talk to on a regular basis.

16) Listen before you speak

Our minds are constantly racing. Sometimes we are planning a response while someone is talking to us and neglecting the majority of what they are saying. Some of us will even interrupt a person speaking to say what we want to say. Try to be in the moment, and actually listening to what that person is saying and then responding.

17) Build mental strength

Try not to beat yourself up for choices that you make. Try not to take everything so seriously or blame others for everything that goes wrong. You are not perfect and neither is anyone else. Use 5% of your energy to acknowledge a situation and 95% to do something about it.

18) Aim to learn something new

Sir Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power.” Research something that you have always had a question about or been curious of. After all, a little knowledge never hurt anyone.

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