March 5, 2024

20 Things to Do on a Rainy Day In NYC

20 Things to Do on a Rainy Day In NYC

20 Things to Do on a Rainy Day In NYC

If you’re looking for 20 things to do on a rainy day in NYC, you’ve found the right post. Sunny days are the best times to take in the outdoors sights of New York City. But not every day will be that way. Rain comes often, and comes down hard at times. These are the best opportunities to visit indoor areas around the city. The city has no shortage of attractions. These include entertainment, places to eat, and places to learn. Let’s cover them, from escape rooms to the many other attractions.

1. Go to an Escape Room

One of the best ways to distract yourself from the dreary outside weather is an escape room. Here, you and friends, family members, and strangers will participate in a game. The goal will be to solve all the puzzles and figure out the contraptions to escape. Most escape rooms give their patrons around one hour to make their way out. The adrenaline rush and entertainment involved will lead to several good memories. It doesn’t matter whether you solve the issues and escape, though you hopefully will. You’ll have a good time regardless. There’s a good reason why they’re so popular these days.

Escape rooms consist of several themes, including prisons, treasure islands, and museum heists. Some even include franchise themes, though these aren’t available all the time. This makes for a great way to unleash your inner child. It will take you back to when you had your hardest assignment. The problems will stump you initially, alongside the mystery in the room. But don’t underestimate the sense of satisfaction when you solve them. They’ll force you to think outside the box for their solutions.

New York City, as one of the United States’ largest cities, has no shortage of escape rooms. These offer unique experiences in rooms detailed with their respective themes. 

Some have simple premises. These include disarming bombs, which sometimes even dress patrons in hazmat uniforms. This makes the scenario feel that much more realistic. Some places also offer smaller scale and short-from cooperative escape room games. Others include virtual games for groups to pass the time with.

Others include patrons solving mysteries with various themes. These include steering a ship to the destination of a mysterious island full of treasure. Others involve stopping mischievous time travelers from wreaking havoc. The themes are unique enough that visiting patrons might want to play more than one.

Escape rooms serve as a great way to pass the time while the rain falls. They’ll keep all involved sufficiently distracted for around an hour. There are plenty of other places to visit and activities to participate in within NYC. This is a time to visit more than one place.

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2. See a Broadway Show

Visiting NYC is a great time to experience great Broadway performances. There are more than 40 theaters along Broadway. Other theaters are slightly outside the vicinity. This is a time to see critically-acclaimed shows like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. There are plenty of shows in various genres playing at any given time. 

3. Hit Up a Cat Café

Plenty of cities, large and small, have cafes. Most don’t have cat cafes. There are several within NYC. These include the Meow Parlour, Koneko, and the Brooklyn Cat Café. They’ll provide a memorable experience while enjoying coffee and tea. They’re well worth visiting if you love cats, too. 

4. Check Out New York’s Public Library

New York is home to one of the best libraries in the country in New York’s Public Library. Libraries are always great spots to escape the rain and read a few chapters in a book. What better place to do so than inside this classic landmark? The library was founded in 1895, and has become home to a large archive. The Fifth Avenue location is the most famous one.

5. Try Out Indoor Rock Climbing

You can also work up a sweat indoors if you so choose. There’s no better way to do that than inside a New York rock climbing gym. It’s a fun way to pass plenty of time. This is an especially great activity to try if you’ve never done it before. It’s a great opportunity to test your strength while learning from the pros.

6. Visit the Turnstyle Underground Market

NYC is home to the hidden culinary paradise that is the Turnstyle Underground Market. Here, you can partake in plenty of delicious food from several places. These include coffee made by baristas and a variety of dumplings. The location is also home to a variety of independent shops with clothes and art.

7. Visit a Museum

NYC is home to a wide variety of museums. These are great places to learn recent and distant history. These include the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art. These are great ways to pass the time and learn something new while observing the sights.

8. Check Out Madame Tussauds

Perhaps the most well-known museum in the city is Madame Tussauds in New York. This is a world-famous wax museum that includes plenty of lifelike wax figures. These largely include celebrities of the past and present. Political figures and top-tier athletes are also within. Many are in dazzling poses, as once flashed by the paparazzi.

9. Visit the Strand Bookstore

Visiting the New York Public Library to partake in various chapters of a book is one matter. There are also places to buy books to own. One of the most popular is the Strand BookStore, the largest bookstore in the city. It’s lined with great books to purchase, old and new, draped in a classic atmosphere.

10. Check Out the Chelsea Market

The Chelsea neighborhood of NYC houses a paradise for food lovers known as the Chelsea Market. This was a former biscuit factory for Nabisco. After it closed, it was turned into an urban marketplace with dazzling sites. The skyscraper includes a variety of food from many cultures for you to try out.


11. Visit the Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Don’t forget to take time to laugh. There’s no better place to do so indoors than at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club in Manhattan. This place features stand-up performances from comedians seen on the likes of Comedy Central and Netflix. They offer comedic performances in a variety of styles.

12. Visit the Film Forum

Anyone visiting the city should also partake in a good movie. The Film Forum in Greenwich Village shows plenty of them. This includes classic, independent, and foreign films. Their cinematic experiences are one element that will stick with you as you return home.

13. Smash Buttons at Barcade

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with kids or adults. You’re never too old to participate in a good game at a NYC Barcade location. These offer classic games like pinball, and video games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter II. They also serve a wide variety of drinks. 

14. See the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the US. This will offer the chance to relax and take in wonderful music. It’s a great activity after you’ve visited a bunch of other places. The David Geffen Hall houses over 2,700 visitors. You’re very likely to find a place to sit and absorb the sounds.

15. Visit Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall is another great place to visit whenever it rains. This Art Deco venue is the largest indoor theater in the world. It’s home to several of the biggest acts in the country. There’s bound to be a legendary act playing when you go visit.

16. See a Game at Madison Square Garden

Visiting a city marks a great chance to catch a game at Madison Square Garden. Here, you can see a basketball game from the New York Knicks, or watch the New York Rangers play. There are also MMA fights and ice hockey matches.

17. See the One World Observatory

The One World Observatory marks a chance to view NYC from on high. This 100-floor viewing deck’s floors are reached in seconds with a high-speed elevator. The time-lapse technology will showcase the city’s dazzling transformation over several years.

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18. Visit Louis Armstrong’s Old Home

Legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong’s home can be visited by anyone now. The house has been turned into a museum. Here, you’ll learn the history of jazz music through photographs and interactive exhibits.

19. Ride the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is a free-to-ride attraction. It makes for a fun boat to ride while seeing important cultural landmarks in a great view. This includes the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

20. Visit Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most beautiful public places in NYC. That’s remarkable for what’s also one of the busiest train stations in the world. The location includes all sorts of shops, restaurants, and guided tours to absorb the sights.

20 Things to Do on a Rainy Day In NYC

There’s no shortage of activities to participate in within New York City. The rainy weather will be no hindrance. Plenty of entertainment and leisure awaits after partaking in the escape room. This includes visiting landmarks, eating plenty of unique food, and learning history. There are easily 20 things to do on a rainy day in NYC.

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