5 Things That Have Made Your Clue Master Smile!

1) Introducing Yourself

There may be a time that you are playing an escape room with another group of people that you are not familiar with. We will always try to ensure that we’ve helped you familiarize yourselves with your new teammates before you begin playing (who doesn’t love a good icebreaker amirite???) but Clue Masters love to see customers that take the initiative themselves! This reassures our Clue Masters before the game even begins that all groups will communicate effectively.

2) Saying “Thank You

 Of course, giving clues and helping you progress throughout your game is your Clue Master’s literal job, so we never expect or require this one, but sometimes a player will get so excited after a clue that they will turn to the camera and say “Thank you!!”. This never fails to make your Clue Master smile or laugh. You may not even realize it, but your excitement makes your Clue Master excited as well. We love to see you having fun!! And for those of you who have ever given your Clue Master a high five at the end of your game, you actually got to see your Clue Master smile or laugh. (We’ll never turn down a good high five.)

3) Being On Time

 Time is of the essence, especially when you are playing an escape room. Clue Masters hate to to have to take time away from your game. They also don’t want you to feel rushed or stressed. They want to allow you as much time as possible to successfully escape the room. When we see you’ve arrived 10-15 minutes before your scheduled game time we can’t help but smile! Being on time ensures that you are as prepared as possible before you play your game.

4) Solving Puzzles & Explaining to others

If you are able to solve a puzzle on your own, that’s great! Sometimes your teammates may not have seen how you solved a puzzle, and when Clue Masters hear “That’s cool! How did you solve that?” or see you explaining what you did to solve the puzzle, it makes them incredibly happy! Your communication is not only appreciated by your teammates, but it also eliminates someone trying to use an item that is no longer needed or solving the same puzzle twice. Additionally, it makes us smile to know you are really interested in all the puzzles of the room!

5) Giving Feedback

We are always open to ideas and thoughts on our rooms. Whenever you leave reviews or speak to your Clue Masters after your game, it gives them the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve successfully done their job. Nothing makes us smile more than a job well done! Your feedback also helps us to ensure future customers continue to have a pleasurable experience with us.

At the end of the day, if you’re having fun, so are we!

We’re most likely happy dancing at our screens alongside you when you solve that tough puzzle. We love our customers and hope that we make you smile as much as you make us smile!


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