February 28, 2022

Black Films as Escape Room Themes

Black Films as Escape Room Themes

Love and Basketball

You cannot mention classic Black films without even mentioning this dysfunctional yet super sweet film. I hope that you have your basketball shoes on because it’s up to you to make it to the semi-finals and land the final kiss on a lucky lover! Lady Cougars on three!!!

Poetic Justice

It’s never fun when your packages are delayed. You will have to help Lucky deliver UPS boxes in his South Central neighborhood. Make sure to sharpen your slam poetry skills because you might have to drop a hot haiku to ease conflicts that might occur.

The Best Man

Your best friend is getting married!!!!! However he had a really wild night the day before your wedding and it’s up to you to help them make it to the church before they end up becoming a bachelor/bachelorette for the rest of their lives (not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, that’s besides the point).

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Coming To America

It is a busy day at Mcdowells!! You are in charge of the floor and have to make sure that everyone finishes their orders in a timely and organized manner. You might come across a couple of jerks but remember, you are the child of the great King Jaffe Jaffer, so don’t let the peasants get to you.

Do The Right Thing

Due to being the most irresponsible delivery man in the world, Mookie has 2 dozen pizza pies to deliver in an hour. He is only one person so he recruited you to help him. You are going to have to dodge annoying neighbors, a drunk elderly citizen, and in the hottest summer of Brooklyn. Have Fun!

House Party

Just got paid on friday night, and you were invited to the hottest party of the year. There’s only one problem…it’s a dance party….and you can’t dance!!! You are going to have to practice on your Renegade, Woah,, and even bring it back to the old school with The Kid and Play!!

Girls Trip

You and your crew are having your annual trip to the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. There was a bet made on who could  collect the most beads as well as get the most numbers. The winning prize: drinks, drinks, and more DRINKS!!!!!

Get Out

You are a local journalist who has just been assigned to do an article on the aftermath and legacy of the Armitage house. There have been rumors about the spirits of the Armitage family lingering around the estate but you just brush it off as a rumor…until you find yourself sucked into the sunken place. Would you like some tea?

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Black Panther

Amazing news in Wakanda! T’Challa and Nakia are getting married, and they hired one of the best wedding planners in the kingdom….you! It’s up to you to make this a day unforgettable! Make sure to have the best dancers, decorations, and the most incredible food. Remember….M’Baku and his children are vegetarians!

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Conclusion: Black Films As Escape Room Themes

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