Escape Room Madness’ Highlights of 2017

1) T-Mobile employees came and achieved victory by solving and escaping The Perfect Crime! They called themselves Team Pitbull. Their energy and excitement filled the atmosphere as they brought laughter to the Escape Room Madness team!​

2) It was a very eventful day as the NYC Football Club came and took on all three rooms! They were pumped and ready to go!

3) YEXT employees took a break from digital marketing to come play at Escape Room Madness.

4) Five Columbia University students came and not only conquered Apocalyptic Mission, but broke the record for fastest escape time in that room. The Escape Room Madness team remembered how determined they were and how intelligent the students were while playing the room!​

5) Customers came dressed in the spirit of Halloween as they played games. We also had two jars full of candy and customers got a chance to guess how many pieces were in there to win the jar! One customer guessed the EXACT number!!​

6) Starbucks employees gave their Espresso machines a rest and put their knowledge and teamwork skills to the test in The Perfect Crime.

7) Escape Room Madness “Breaks The Internet” with their funny videos and their “All I Want For Christmas Is You” video.

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