January 1, 2024

Escaping an Escape Room: Tips to Improve Your Chances

Escaping an Escape Room Tips to Improve Your Chances

Escaping an Escape Room: Tips to Improve Your Chances

Looking for tips to improve your chances for escaping an escape room? You’ve found the right blog. An escape room is an opportunity to have fun. They offer the chance to bond with friends, coworkers, or even random teammates. But it’s still preferable to escape from the rooms than to not. There are specific strategies that will increase the chances of escape. There are ways to have the team work smarter and more efficiently, instead of frantically. Escape rooms can be difficult for anyone not aware of how they fully work. Let’s go over tips that will help.

Pick a Good Team

The team that needs to escape will work far more efficiently if the core team is good. This means the team should be the kind that talks to each other. They should be able to discuss strategies without basic conversations becoming frustrating. It’s not necessary to choose the most purportedly intelligent people. Simply pick those that know how to have fun, and how to act with a little pressure. Everyone will bring their own strengths to the table. If they put their heads together, they’ll figure out the solution.

This, of course, is not always an option. If a team of coworkers is involved, you can’t pick the team you want to escape with. In this case, one person must be the leader. Learn everyone’s strengths, and assist with assigning them certain tasks.

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Listen to the Guide

The game guide will break down the game’s rules before starting. It’s essential to listen to all the tips provided. The storyline for the game will also be outlined. The synopsis will sometimes include hints about how to solve the puzzles. It’s imperative that everyone involved understands the rules and story of the game. It can cause much confusion if even one person goes in unaware of the goals.

A physical or digital guide will sometimes be provided. But it’s better when a human guide is involved. Everyone should read or listen to the guide. This will be the start of forming the plan to escape.

Information the guide will provide will also explain the escape room’s precise genre. Perhaps the group is within a puzzle-based game. Maybe they’re in one rife with riddles. The group must know what they’re dealing with if they want to finish on time.

Arrive on Time

It should go without saying that everyone should arrive at the game in good time. There isn’t much time afforded for the team to escape. The average escape room game lasts for only 60 minutes. Every minute and every second here counts. Lateness will equal missing out on listening to or reading the guide. Anyone late will start from behind. They’ll hold the entire team back. It will be up to another team member to explain the rules and story to them. This will take time the group can’t afford to waste. The team must be fully in sync if they want to have the best chance to escape.

Talk with Everyone

The escape room experience can provide light pressure for every person involved. No one wants to lose, after all. The best way to accomplish this is for everyone to communicate with each other. Everyone has a skill. Everyone can contribute. The group should all put their heads together for the solutions. This is a group experience, after all. The game isn’t made for one person to figure everything out and guide the group. It helps to be contributive and communicative.

The escape room is not a place to be shy or embarrassed. If a clue has one person stumbled, they should be encouraged to speak up. Everyone thinks differently. Two people or more putting their heads together will lead to quicker opportunities to find solutions.

Be Attentive and Search Everywhere

The escape room will have plenty of hidden clues and doors. It helps when everyone on the team is actively searching everywhere, high and low. These clues can be stuffed in corners that can’t be seen unless a person is up close. Always consider every possibility for hidden clues and entrances. These can lead to the best solutions. Keep an open mind, and the chances of escaping will increase.

Just make sure not to force anything. These escape rooms are made to be solved. Forcing or concluding something that doesn’t make sense means the person is on the wrong track.


Keep Your Eye on the Clock

The escape room will be a fun time for the group. It can be enjoyable enough that the one-hour time allotted to its completion will fly by. Those among the group might suddenly realize they only have minutes left to escape. Keep an eye on the clock to determine how much time is left. Then, use the remaining time wisely. This is a necessary step towards formalizing plans to escape. The rooms are designed so all puzzles can be solved within the hour, after all.

If a person hasn’t found anything new in five minutes, they’ll need help. Everyone involved should be encouraged to ask for assistance. This goes double if they’re not already searching for clues.

Use Your Clues When You Have Them

Every escape room comes with hints and clues built into the design. Some escape rooms also have a game master present to provide clues. They’ll actively help the group along their way. There are hints all around, and clues for how to escape. Don’t hesitate to use them. There are people who think that asking for clues is a sign of weakness or surrender. But no one should feel bad about using the resources at their disposal. Not many groups can complete escape rooms without clues. 

The game masters won’t talk the group through the remaining game. They still want the experience to be challenging. Don’t underestimate how useful a mere nudge along the way will be.

Keep the Clues You Have Organized

Escape rooms might be a bit stressful for some participants involved. They’re also fast-paced thanks to the one-hour time allotted. Organization is key to using resources effectively. Keep all clues and objects gathered in one place. The keys gathered should remain inside the locks they can be used in. All clues related to one specific solution should be kept alongside each other. Lastly, keep one pile for clues and objects already used. The rooms aren’t made for specific objects and clues to be used more than once.

Split Up Whenever Necessary

Not everyone in the group is necessary for every problem they’ll stumble upon. Certain solutions will only need a few heads involved. This is when it’s a good idea to split up. Smaller groups will cover more ground faster. This is essential for saving time. At least one person in the group should be responsible for talking to other groups. They should all be filled in regarding clues and objects discovered. As mentioned above: This is not a place to be shy. The entire group must stay communicative.

Use Resources Efficiently

The group navigating their way through the escape room won’t be small. Some people involved will be prone to occasional errors. Perhaps someone might insert a key incorrectly. Maybe another person involved made a mistake while entering a code. Using time wisely may be essential in an escape room. But it doesn’t hurt to try some aspects twice. This is a tense environment, while also being a fun one. Perhaps the same person involved can reinsert a key in a different way so it will fit. They can retry a code and get it right the next time.

Don’t chastise anyone who makes a mistake. Creating tensity won’t help with escaping the room on time.

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Make Sure Everyone Enjoys Themselves

The purpose of an escape room is a fun bonding trip. It’s imperative that everyone in the group enjoy themselves while figuring out solutions. If the environment gets a little tense, be the mediator. Calm down anyone letting pressure get to them.

The escape room games are designed to challenge and excite everyone involved. They’ll make everyone think, and ideally make them laugh with a specific group. The true goal of the escape room is to simply give everyone a good time. Everyone should leave with smiles on their faces.

Escaping an Escape Room: Tips to Improve Your Chances

Escape rooms will be tough if the group doesn’t know what they’re in for. But there are many ways to make the experience easier and more fun for everyone. It helps to go in with a good team that will work in harmony the entire time. But it will be tougher to complete the game without listening to or reading the guide beforehand. This is why everyone involved should arrive on time to absorb information and not hold anyone back. The group should keep in contact frequently throughout. 

The group should be attentive and search everywhere, while keeping an eye on the clock. No one involved should hold back any clues they have. They should also keep the clues and objects organized for when they need them or don’t. Escape rooms are designed so that all items and clues will be used. And they should all be used efficiently. Lastly, everyone involved should have a good time. These are good tips to improve your chances for escaping an escape room.

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