November 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Escape Room Madness!!

Happy Birthday Escape Room Madness!!

Happy Birthday Escape Room Madness!!

PRO TIP Happy Birthday Escape Room Madness!!: Explore our diverse selection of rooms, including “The Perfect Crime,” “Quarantine,” “Nuclear Annihilation,” and more. Uncover thrilling challenges and book now your escape room adventure today!

It’s time to pull out the confetti and put on your party hats to help Escape Room Madness celebrate 2 whole years of entertainment and fun in New York City! The past year has been filled with great customers, laughter, and puppies!! Perhaps the greatest thing to happen for the Escape Room Madness Team is the expansion of our business, making us the largest single location escape room in NYC!
We just recently opened up a new room in our facility called PREY! We are excited to introduce this spooky room to our list of themes. This room will not only creep you out, but it will be a true brain work out, as it is our most challenging room.

In this room:

The great Detective William Sharpton has been investigating reports of a huge and terrifying creature which has been terrorizing the town every full moon. He has come pretty close to figuring out how to stop the creature, so he sends you, a group of detectives, to the most recent target: The Fleureau House. With the next full moon approaching in an hour, can you solve the mystery of this creature, or will you too fall PREY to its terrors?​

So for all our supernatural creature lovers, this is the room for you! And yes, it is werewolf themed!.
Wait, there’s more!

We have two other rooms that have joined the escape room madness facility. Take your chances at waltzing your way through the Masquerade room, or discover the secrets of the New York History Museum’s Exodus.

Highlights of the past year

Inside The Madness was born!! In the past year Escape Room Madness launched this blog to further entertain customers as well as give knowledge about escape room experiences.

We started an event called Pup Madness!! We partner with Muddy Paws Rescue to host dog adoption events every three months. We have had 4 successful events, one in which a member of The Escape Room Madness Team adopted a pup named Zoe! Zoe is now apart of the Escape Room Madness family and is frequently here to greet customers as they come for their escape game experience, play with you while you wait to go into the room, and pose for pictures after the game!

We were visited by both Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Hedwig) and Matthew Morrison (Glee, Finding Neverland). And both of their groups escaped the room!!!

All in all, We have had a great 2 years and we are always thrilled to create unique and memorable experiences for all our beloved customers!.

PRO TIP: Explore our diverse selection of rooms, including “Prey“, “Masquerade“, “Exodus“, and more. Uncover thrilling challenges and book now your escape room adventure today!

Check out the map below for additional information and take your escape room experience to the next level!

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