December 10, 2023

How Escape Rooms Enhance Corporate Team Building


How Escape Rooms Enhance Corporate Team Building

If you’re looking to know how escape rooms enhance corporate team building, you’ve found the right blog. There was a time when corporate team-building experiences were done in the office. Some were done through miniature games and gatherings outdoors. Others through indoor activities such as parties and quizzes. This has become too predictable for the newest generation of workers. Escape rooms such as NYC based Escape Room Madness are the new hotness now. These are interactive scenarios where everyone in a team must work together to escape. The predicament the group finds themselves in, of course, isn’t real. But they’re made to feel real in the moment. Let’s go through why they’ve proven essential for strengthening co-working teams.

It Supports Teamwork

An escape room for your corporate event will have a role for every co-worker involved. All of them must work together to escape from a given scenario. All the co-workers will have the chance to take the lead. It will force each one of them to solve the clues they’re given. The person who steps up in any given situation can rarely be predicted. It’s a worthwhile way to figure out who among the team is capable of leading during a time of crisis. 

It Improves Motivation Among the Team

The escape room will put pressure on the entire team to work together. The scenarios involved in crafting escape rooms will have a task for everyone involved. This will ensure that everyone has a sense of belonging. Those who might crack under pressure will have other co-workers encouraging them to continue. The co-workers less skilled at puzzle solving can take more mundane tasks that remain important. They can keep track of the time. They can provide warnings whenever they’re needed. Having roles for everyone will encourage bonding and build trust among the team.

Improves Communication Among the Team

Not all co-workers need to remain communicative in the workplace. Several workers will have their own tasks and deadlines before them. This work forces them to remain secluded in their solitary duties until they’re finished. Not so in escape rooms. These are essential for teams not adjusted to regularly chatting or sharing ideas with each other. In these rooms, they have no choice but to talk it out and work together to get out of the room. The co-workers will be encouraged to share their ideas with each other.

Helps the Team Engage in Creative Problem Solving

Escape rooms encourage on-the-spot problem solving. It’s not possible to fully prepare for an escape room. The team members will know beforehand that they’ll be expected to solve problems. But they’ll have no idea of what those particular problems will be. This fosters an environment with low stakes, but high rewards. The team will learn how to solve tough problems. It will build essential skills for office environments.

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Improves the Team’s Time Management Skills

The players in the escape room are given their problems to solve, sure. The tensity and pressure shows through how they have limited time to escape. Players are usually given an hour at most to escape the room successfully. The time limit can be lowered if the organizer wants to significantly encourage quick thinking. The time they’re given must be used wisely and skillfully. There’s little time for them to stand around. The number of clues scattered around each room tend to be numerous. The time must be used to find them, solve them, and utilize their solutions. It will save a lot of time when the team coordinates and works together.

The Variety of Escape Room Themes

There are plenty of themed escape rooms for the team to choose from. Chances are, the team might have a common interest among them. Perhaps most of them are big medieval fantasy fans. Maybe they all love outer space sci-fi settings. Fantasy and sci-fi-themed escape rooms are available for them to make their way through. Picking a theme that most co-workers enjoy will further encourage them to use teamwork. Mystery-themed rooms are the most common. Many workers enjoy good mystery books and media. If this is too difficult to decide, the room theme can be left up to fate and randomized.

They Can Be in Person and Virtual

The venue for an escape room can be chosen depending on the kind of work environment the team has. Perhaps the team works together in the same office and wants to be free of distractions. In this case, an in-person escape room will work best. If the team works remotely or in a hybrid environment, there are virtual rooms.

The small issue is how virtual escape rooms can only involve eight players. If the work environment has more employees, they’ll simply have to play different games. Game guides for maps and iconography are included through an interactive dashboard. No player will have a problem navigating through the environment. That said, communication will be more difficult in a remote environment. The organizer will have to simply hope for the best, and encourage the team to succeed. 

They’re Very Affordable

Booking teams for weekly or weekend venues for team bonding exercises can be expensive. The price will increase depending on how nice and pristine the lodgings are. Not so for escape rooms. The price to book an escape room is far lower, and it takes far less time to do so. The team will only spend an hour to escape, meaning other lodgings won’t be necessary. It’s true that escape rooms are a great way to build communication and teambuilding among co-workers. They’re also one of the most inexpensive ways to do so.

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Summary: How Escape Rooms Enhance Corporate Team Building

Escape rooms are an essential and worthwhile exercise for co-workers. They’ll encourage teamwork and improve motivation among the team to escape. Their communication and abilities to solve problems together will increase. The experience will teach them how to solve these problems in a timely manner. There are plenty of themes to choose from, those that most co-workers will enjoy. They can also be done in person or virtually. It’s also an affordable and effective way to encourage bonding among the team. This is how escape rooms enhance corporate team building.

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