How These Fictional Teams Would Do In An Escape Room

1. Stranger Things Kids



The kids did surprisingly well, considering how young they are… Lucas, Dustin, Mike, Nancy, and Max were pretty good at putting together the puzzle pieces, while Will and Eleven found all the clues hidden underneath the furniture (although we’re pretty sure using telekinesis to open a lock is considered cheating). Steve….well he spent most of the time fixing his hair, but it sure looked good.Their friend Barb never showed up but we think she’s okay.





2. Harry, Ron, and Hermione



Let’s be real folks, Hermione did all the work. Harry spent most of the time trying to blow up a locket, while Ron stuffed his face with sweets. Are we sure they’re all in the same house?




3. Fellowship of the Ring



When was the last time these people showered? Also, like four of them showed up without any shoes! Who does that?? Honestly, if they hadn’t paid in solid gold we might have turned them away. That being said, they almost made it out in time. Gimli had some problems reaching the puzzles on the top shelf, Legolas couldn’t stop showing off, but Gandalf kept most of them in line. Unfortunately, we had to ask them to leave when one of them threw a puzzle into a volcano.




4. Mean Girls



I mean, they got through most of the puzzles in the room, but they spent the whole time making passive aggressive comments about each other. We’re not sure why they hang out together, let alone call themselves friends. They did have great fashion sense though.



5. The Breakfast Club



Not a bad group, all things considered. They overcame their differences rather quickly, but still it was kind of weird for their school to send them to an escape room for detention. They each brought a unique perspective that allowed them to see every part of the room and the solutions within. However, their dance number cost them a lot of time in the end.


6. New Girl



While they started off well, the group devolved halfway through their time. Schmidt sprinted from wall to wall pushing people out of the way so he could solve everything by himself, Nick went to a corner to cry and rock himself to sleep, Cici just stood in the corner rolling her eyes, Jess brought out a ukulele and tried to sing a song about friendship and working together, and Winston set the room on fire trying to do a prank. They’re coming back next week……



7. Rugrats



We don’t like to criticize other people’s parenting, but we’re not entirely comfortable with a bunch of babies showing up in a toy car with their tickets stuffed down their diapers. No matter how clever you are, there are just some things a baby with a screwdriver shouldn’t do. That being said, it was going pretty well until one of them needed a diaper change.


8. Disney Princesses



This review has been removed due to copyright infringement.



9. Friends



Ross spent the hour panicking and screaming even though there was nothing scary in the room.

Phoebe was an asset when it came to finding things in the room…unfortunately most of it was useless and she wasted a lot of time trying to decipher the meaning of a piece of gum another group left behind. Monica designated herself as the organizer but wouldn’t let anyone touch anything she organized. We don’t know how Joey snuck an entire hoagie in the room, but he did. Rachel spent the entire time critiquing the interior design of the room, while Chandler, full of resentment, sat silently in the corner silently doing puzzles.



10. Alvin and the Chipmunks



There was so much blood. Dear god…. I can still hear the screams. The horror….the horror….the horror….





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