Puzzle Master Challenge

Before you are 5 unique puzzles that you will need to solve. Should you solve at least 3 correctly, you will earn two 30% off tickets to redeem at your next visit. Should you solve ALL puzzles correctly you will win two FREE Tickets to redeem at your next visit. Send your answers to ermadvertising@gmail.com. You have a week to complete this mission. All winners will be rewarded at the end of that week.​

1) Find the 7 Differences in these two pics.

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2) What’s the answer to this equation?

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3) I beget my other two friends. You will always have me but you can never physically be with me. What am I ?

4) A rule must be followed.

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5) On a late, Sunday afternoon, police officer Tom was called to a crime scene nearby. 


When he enters the room, he finds the dead body of a man, who has appeared to have hung himself from the ceiling. Tom looks around the room and is left confused when he notices that there is no chair or table that the man could have used to jump off of. He observes the room intensely for a while, and finally exclaims, “I have found the solution!” Can you tell what happened here, and how the man killed himself?​



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