Roles You Can Play In An Escape Room

Disclaimer: Scenes depicted have been heavily exaggerated for comedy​.

The Leader

It can be helpful if someone strategizes. Also, it is easy to get distracted by the many things an escape room has to offer making it helpful to have someone to keep your ‘eyes on the prize’.



The Time Keeper

The statement “time flies when you’re having fun” is not an understatement while playing an escape room. Someone who glances at the time every now and then helps you keep a good pace through this crazy adventure.



The Cheerleader

Let’s be honest, puzzle and riddles take brain power, which can physically and mentally drain you. You might be at a stand still or feel like you aren’t going to make it out. It is always uplifting when you have someone in the group that says “We can do this, guys.” Optimism and positivity are always great in an escape room.



The Finder

At the beginning of the game, everyone usually becomes this role, as you search high and low to find parts of puzzles objects that will help push you through the game. However, having that person who continues to look for something once everyone else is occupied with a puzzle can be beneficial. Who knows, you might even find something that was initially looked over!



The Solver

It might be easy to find a whole lot of puzzle pieces and objects, but remember, solving the puzzles moves you forward in the game. It helps for some people to gather things that have been found and find out how it leads to the next clue. Now, this role can be played by each member at some point. As stated in an earlier blog post​, if you are having trouble with a puzzle, utilize your other teammates and see if they can figure out something that you may not have noticed.



The Organizer

You are going to be finding many things while playing an escape room. It is always great to have that person who places aside puzzles and objects that have already been used or solved. This way, you won’t waste time on things that you don’t need anymore. It also helps you not to feel overwhelmed, because you will clearly see what is finished, and what needs to be done.

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