February 28, 2024

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Escape Rooms vs. In-Person Escape Rooms

Pros and Cons of Virtual Escape Rooms vs. In-Person Escape Rooms

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Escape Rooms vs. In-Person Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms vs. In-Person Escape Rooms: Looking for the pros and cons of virtual escape rooms compared to in-person rooms? You’ve found the right post. Escape rooms are a great and popular team-building activity. They’re also a unique way to build team spirit. They challenge participants to work together and solve tough puzzles. With their one-hour time limit, the group must work fast to find the best solutions. The time will pressure the participants to use their best methods to solve the puzzles and riddles. These escape rooms come in two varieties: Virtual escape rooms and in-person escape rooms. Here, we’ll compare the two and show how in-person escape rooms are a better alternative.

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Escape Rooms

The Pros of Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, it wasn’t safe to participate in group activities, especially indoors. The pandemic has since wavered. But virtual escape rooms remain popular among certain groups. This format has some advantages compared to in-person escape rooms. 

Virtual escape rooms provide a larger scope of activities. The organizers that assemble the virtual escape room have no need to limit themselves to small rooms. The room is virtual, after all. This means there are more activities inside, including puzzles and riddles. Perhaps this will also include story dialogue, for the game theme chosen. The additional activities will make it easier for everyone in a group to participate.

It’s also easier to add content to a virtual room. Content must be arranged for specific rooms for those in-person. It takes time for the workers to add new materials to the room and shuffle it up. This is made much easier in virtual rooms thanks to the organizers’ mere need to update the game.

There are also more themes available for virtual escape rooms. There aren’t simply different themes and stories available. There are stories in genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, piracy, historical, and general escaping. The pandemic era led to an uptick of franchise producers releasing escape rooms with their themes.

Virtual rooms make it easier to bring people from all over a country, continent, and the world. Some virtual games have limits on how distant the participating individuals can be. This depends on the online connections they’ll require. But several games support gathering groups from many backgrounds.

The Cons of Virtual Escape Rooms

Again, there are advantages to having virtual escape rooms. But the number of disadvantages leave an open question as to whether these are better. There are several ways in which they falter compared to in-person escape rooms.

Virtual escape rooms require those involved to wear headsets for an hour or so. Several people simply won’t like doing this. This will go double for kids, depending on their comfort level. This need doesn’t exist for in-person escape rooms.

Many virtual escape rooms allow for a smaller number of players compared to in-person rooms. Most of them limit groups to six people. The requirements are much higher for an in-person group. Other games allow for a larger group of people to participate digitally. But this creates another flaw. The organizer will have to take time to find games that support larger groups.

There’s always the potential for technical glitches to occur with virtual online rooms. The game can go offline for whatever reason for a temporary time. This will happen through occasional updates or server issues. It’s also possible for one player’s online connection to fluctuate, if not disconnect entirely. This will be far worse if this happens with the organizer of the game. It will take the entire experience online, and take the players out of it.

There’s a different experience when it comes to tangibly feeling and interacting with real objects. The escape room will feel much more realistic in-person compared to a virtual room. Developers are continuing to innovate with virtual rooms. This will be one of the first issues to be fixed.

Finally, there are limits for children. Most virtual escape rooms won’t allow anyone under seven years old. This could change with future games. But this alone makes in-person games a better alternative for younger kids.

The Pros and Cons of In-Person Escape Rooms.

The Pros of In-Person Escape Rooms

In-person escape rooms are presented in the form of giant puzzles. Here, players will have to solve all the riddles before them to get out of the room. The players will have the opportunity to bond as they slowly and surely inch towards escaping. These offer a different and more personal experience compared to virtual escape rooms. The pros show how these are better alternatives compared to more limiting virtual escape rooms.

In-person escape rooms allow for a higher number of participants. Whereas virtual rooms are limited to six people, in-person ones allow for as many as eight. Most escape rooms are simply not big enough to accommodate more than eight people.

The in-person escape room experience is far more realistic. Players can handle realistic props and enter puzzle solutions themselves. It’s also more fun to do this in the presence of other real people. Holding and handling tangible objects presents a more involving experience compared to the digital one.

In-person escape rooms are themed like movie and story plots. This has a way of further involving the players in its world as active participants. The experience is more involving and tangible when done in person compared to a virtual one. It’s also harder to lose interest when all the other people and props are right in front of you. It’s more immersive compared to one on a virtual screen.

The games are also made to appeal to multiple human senses. Both in-person and virtual rooms will appeal to the sight and hearing skills of the participants. But those that require feeling objects and the sense of smell can only be done in person. There’s potential for virtual experiences to be made that mimic those senses. But those won’t be widely available for several years.

There’s also a stronger emphasis on puzzle solving within in-person escape rooms. These escape rooms have puzzles that will make use of an entire room. It presents a different experience compared to those that take place entirely on a screen.

The realistic variety that in-person escape rooms provide are made for all levels of experience. The puzzles themselves are more adjustable. Some can be adjusted for easier difficulties. Others can be made harder. This all depends on the challenge the organizer or group asks the escape room owner or guide for. 

The Cons of In-Person Escape Rooms

In-person escape rooms have a lower number of theme varieties on offer. Virtual escape rooms have multiple stories available in multiple genres. Some franchise-themed escape rooms are hosted for in-person gatherings on occasion. But those are only organized in certain parts of large countries around the world. It’s often harder to participate in them.

In-person rooms focus on finding clues. But virtual escape rooms are more focused on solving missions. There are people who will simply prefer the mission-based format.

It can be harder to organize a team for an in-person escape room compared to a virtual one. This goes double for adults who don’t have much free time to participate in one. It might be easier to gather them for a virtual game through an online app like Facebook or Discord. This also applies if those you want to participate in the game are spread around a city or country.

Why In-Person Escape Rooms Are Better

The number of pros and cons for virtual escape room games are nearly equal. But in-person escape room games have far more positives than negatives. The in-person experience will feel much more immersive. It makes a big difference when those in the group can see, feel, and even smell the escape room elements. It additionally makes a difference to interact with puzzles tangibly. This process isn’t the same with the virtual escape rooms. Technology will eventually mimic the feel of an in-person escape room virtually. But there isn’t an experience quite like gathering the group in person for an enjoyable time. The bonding opportunities won’t be the same online compared to those in the same room.

The purpose here isn’t to knock virtual escape rooms. But it’s clear that in-person escape rooms are far more involved. They’ll offer a far more memorable experience.

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Escape Rooms vs. In-Person Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms and in-person escape rooms have several advantages and disadvantages. The number of pros and cons for virtual escape rooms are equal. But in-person escape rooms have more advantages compared to their disadvantages. The act of assembling people into one in-person group can’t be replicated virtually. It’s easier for people to bond and interact when they’re in-person compared to online. This is despite virtual rooms having a wider variety of themes available. It’s also easier for organizers to rearrange puzzles in-person compared to those virtually. These can be adjusted for various difficulty levels. The in-person experience is also more fun for the group compared to an online gathering. These are the pros and cons of virtual escape rooms compared to in-person rooms.

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