The Umbrella Academy in an Escape Room (Spoiler Alert)​

1. Number One – Luther



Though Number one would clearly take on the role of the leader in the escape room, we are pretty sure that he would break anything he put his hands on, even if it was by accident. At least his heart would be in the right place.


 2. Number Two- Diego



It’s safe to say that Number Two would not want to follow any of the rules. He would also probably just use his knives to break all the locks open, and maybe break a camera or two.

 3. Number 3- Allison



Though Number 3 will definitely try her best to do the right thing and work through the puzzles to the best of her ability, she could very well just look at the camera and say “I heard a rumor that you’ll give us clues every 5 minutes” and have them escape in about 20 minutes.

 4. Number 4- Klaus




First of all, we are pretty sure that Number 4 will show up both drunk and high. Even though he could seek knowledge from wise spirits, Klaus would probably just crack jokes and laugh at his siblings while annoyingly reminding them of the ever ticking clock.


5. Number 5



In reality, Number 5 is probably the most intellectual out of the bunch and would not be shy about making it known throughout the game. So, there is no doubt that he could probably wholeheartedly solve all the puzzles. However, if time started to run out, he would just continue to go back in time to give them a few more minutes.


6. Number 6 – Ben




Number 6 may be nothing more than a spirit, however, he is in direct connection with Number 4. He would most likely serve as a motivator and instill wisdom to help solve puzzles and open locks. This, of course, is dependent on Klaus not being careless.


7. Number 7 – Vanya




Last but not least, Number 7 would most likely give the puzzles a good college try. However, she might get aggravated with a riddle or with the cluemaster for not sending a clue fast enough. Visions of her past self could materialize to convince her everyone was actively working against her. She would most likely become angry enough that she’d just blow the whole room up.


The Morale of the story is, one way or another, The Umbrella Academy would be victorious at escaping from an escape room–how many pieces it would be left in is up for debate. Have you seen Umbrella Academy? What do you think their strongest “escape” qualities are?


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