Top 10 Must Watch Holiday Movies

1. Jingle All The Way

If you’re looking for a good laugh, Jingle All The Way is sure to give you an abundance of them.


2. Elf



 Because Will Ferrell is an Elf, and it doesn’t get much funnier than that.

 3. A Christmas Story



Both endearing and comical, Ralphie is sure to win his way into your hearts.

4. Olive, The Other Reindeer


Yes, we said it correctly.

5. Die Hard




Who says that you can’t have a little action during the Christmas holidays.


6. The Grinch who stole Christmas


The movie that will make the smallest heart grow a few sizes larger this Christmas.


7. Eloise




The spunky gal is living the dream in the Plaza Hotel. All the Christmas in NYC feels in this one!

 8. Home Alone



Kevin McCall is cute and caring, but, is not afraid to teach the bad guys a lesson this Christmas.


9. The Muppets Christmas carol



 The muppet characters tell the classic story in their own way.



10. A Charlie Brown Christmas



Because nothing gets us in the holiday mood more than the Peanuts singing Christmas Time is Here! And we all know we love seeing Lucy van Pelt tricking Charlie Brown yet again. 

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