January 15, 2019

Escape Room Movie: The Truths and Myths (Spoiler Alert)​

Escape Room Movie: The Truths and Myths

Escape Room Movie: The Truths and Myths

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You will be risking your life in an escape room: MYTH

In the movie, the common theme is for the players to have to figure out puzzles under a lot of pressure in life threatening situations. It’s pretty obvious that this will NEVER be the case in an escape room. Though some escape rooms may have some minor physical aspects(like reaching into something, or crawling through a tunnel), nothing is ever created to hurt you and especially not kill you. As a matter of fact, escape rooms usually warn you if their are elements that can be harmful such strobe lights, small crawl spaces, or if a room will be completely dark, and there is always an emergency escape route that will be pointed out to you. However, No escape room will put your life in danger.

I won’t be able to use my phone in an escape room: TRUTH

Not every escape room requires you to drop your phone off at the front desk as seen in the movie. However, you are not able to use your phones during the course of your game.This rule isn’t implemented to make you feel helpless, it is so that pictures or solutions to the puzzle do not end up on social media and ruin the experience for future players. Plus, they tend to be more of a distraction than a help anyway, typically, you’ll never need your phone in the game- google won’t answer your questions, your cluemaster will!

You should smash the cameras because then the gamemaster can’t creep on you: MYTH

Who can forget the scene where Zoey goes mad and begins to break every camera in the room the players are currently in. This is something that you will not need to do at all. In fact, the cameras are actually a crucial element to your game. This is how we can make sure you are having a safe and fun time. The cameras that are in the rooms are strictly there so that your clue/gamemaster is able to see what you are doing to help you through the process if need be. This is how your cluemaster will be able to give you clues that can help you solve a puzzle that may have you a little stumped.

You will need to communicate and work as a team: TRUTH

Even though we won’t freeze a key in the middle of an ice box, this scene in the movie depicts the players using their body heat combined to melt the block and get the key. There were many times in the movie where each player spoke about something they found and what their thought process was. This is one of the main tools that will help you escape the room you are playing.

You need to use brute force:MYTH

Not only should you refrain from using brute force on your teammates, but you should do the same for the objects in the room that you find. You should not be throwing items across the room or on the floor. This can cause harm, damage a prop, and also will most likely prevent you from solving a puzzle effectively.

You will need to think out of the box: TRUTH

Escape rooms challenge you to think in a way that you might not think in your everyday life. It is a constant series of puzzles and riddles that have to be solved in order to escape. Thinking outside the box allowed the players in the movie to solve puzzles that seem impossible, like using cups of water to keep the passageway open, and the sliding puzzle in the 8 ball room.

Your gamemaster will not let you out of the game if you want to leave: MYTH

In the movie, the character Amanda is having a flashback that is causing her to have a panic attack. Jason also bangs on a nearby door and screams that he wants to be let out. If either of these things happen your gamemaster WILL allow you to leave. You are not held hostage by any means necessary. Most escape rooms also have an emergency exit policy for situations in which an individual needs to leave the room.

Your clue master is against you and you need to kill him/her: MYTH

This one should go without saying, but for the sake of our wellbeing, we wanted to reiterate it. Your gamemaster is NOT your enemy. In the end, when Ben and Zoey escape, the gamemaster tries to kill him. This causes them to fight back and eventually kill him. Again, NO ONE will be hurt or harmed in this game. You most certainly DO NOT need to kill you gamemaster. (Please don’t. It won’t look good for any of us) Unlike the movie, your real life gamemasters are 100% on your side. They want you to escape and have fun just as much as you do, Their job is to assist you so you can escape the room. Gamemasters are your friends and assets during your game.

Did you see the movie? What aspects did you think seemed relatable to your experiences.

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