Why You Should Take Your Family To An Escape Room This Season​

1) Great for family groups


Not only are our rooms able to accommodate large groups; there’s no need to worry about the younger cousins getting bored and Grandma doesn’t have to fear straining her back. Plus, what better way to resolve the tension between you and your sister from “the incident” than by defusing a bomb together?








2) Black Friday Preparation

If you’re going Black Friday shopping, then you need to be fast, focused, organized, and adaptable. Running around, searching, and solving puzzles with your trusted allies is a great way to warm up for the last minute deals and dashes you’ll need to get the best prices bestowed upon us by our corporate overlords.









3) Because, after a week of cooking, cleaning, and dealing with family;


It’s nice to be able to take something apart and not have to put it back together yourself








4) Shake Off The Turkey Coma

While doing an Escape Room isn’t a full on workout, they’re still enough movement and energy required that it’s a good way to get both your brain and body up and running again in time before the generation vs generation family football tournament. This year, Pop-Pop is going down.








5) To Show Your Parents Which of Their Children They Should Love Most


Yes, my brother may have a job, a family, contributes to his community in meaningful ways, and is smarter than me…..but can he put together a jigsaw puzzle in less than 45 seconds without help? Take that, Jason.









(How I will earn my father’s love)





6) It’s Cold Outside and We Have Heaters


We keep it toasty. 









 7) Because if you’re all locked in the same room together,


Your loved ones can’t run away from you









At the end of the day, whether it’s spent sitting around the dinner table, in the yard with a football, on the porch with warm drinks, or in a room with countless puzzles; this week take the time to remind yourselves of who is important to you and how you can be with them. At Escape Room Madness, we hope to be the ones who bring you even closer together and help you be thankful for what you have and for good things to come. Have a happy Thanksgiving. 



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