October 14, 2019

Your Daily Escape Room Horoscope

Your Daily Escape Room Horoscope


Your Daily Escape Room Horoscope: The escape room activity was your idea. As a matter of fact, you wanted to do the hardest room. You like to start a lot of puzzles, but there is a chance that you won’t finish them. You’re so caught up in the action that you start yelling at your teammates.

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You found a key or the answer to a puzzle that everyone was looking for but nobody listened when you said it outloud. You stick to your theories and answers even if they aren’t the right ones. Nevertheless, you’re a devoted team member and work hard to win the game.


You found an important clue, told nobody, and put it back for someone else to find later. You weren’t interested in playing the game at first, but you changed your mind at some point, only to lose interest again a few minutes later.


You’re mad that no one is listening to you and you won’t let it go even after the game. As a matter of fact, you’ll bring this game up weeks later. Still, you hope everyone remains friends after the game. 


A natural born leader, you’re doing the most talking, even if it is just confidently shouting the wrong answer. You are the most energetic of everyone in the room. You keep everyone communicating because you must know everything that is happening.


You’re giving everyone tasks and roles, and are keeping close tabs on the time you have left to escape the room.  Still, you can’t help but wonder when was the last time the room was cleaned.


You’re just glad you didn’t have to play a room alone or choose which room to play. You try to stop Leo and Pisces from fighting and are keeping everyone positive throughout the process. 

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You keep touching things you aren’t supposed to, and are silently figuring out the majority of the puzzles. You want to solve the room without any help. You’re the first to spot the hidden clues because you’re used to keeping things hidden yourself. 


You don’t know why you’re here nor what an Escape Room even is.  But you were invited and you want to hang out with your friends.


If you aren’t organizing the props or puzzles between which ones have and have not been used, you’re working on a puzzle that you just can’t figure out how to solve. However, you’re very ambitious and willing to put in the work in order to win. You’re the first to ask for a clue.


You’re trying to divert everyone’s attention towards something else so you can solve the puzzle all by yourself. You’re in it to win it, but you’re not quite on the same page as your teammates. You very well might force something open by accident.


You just told Leo that they were wrong, even though you don’t know the actual answer yet, and then decided not to play anymore because Leo yelled at you too loudly. If you lose, you’re going to take the loss very personally. 

At the end of the day, we think a room full of these signs would not only be successful but entertaining. Even if they get out with about 10 seconds left. What do you think people with your Zodiac sign would be like in an escape room?

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